A unifying document

The Jobcard provides a single interface and document reference to wrap together all linked work, including defects, schedule events, labour, time-sheets and parts.

Screen, paper or tablet

The Jobcard is available on screen, as a printed document (in your preferred format) or in electronic (tablet based) format.

Clear tabular interface

A ‘header section’ shows key vehicle details including Fleet, Number, Registration Number, Customer, Contract, On-screen and printed job-cards display vehicle reference details including Engine Number, Chassis Number. Separate tabs show Parts, Defect work and Schedule work.

Smart defaults to save time

Define 'Jobcard Styles' such as 'Own Vehicles', 'Third Party', or 'Insurance Work' in order to set preferred defaults per work type. These defaults can be over-ridden on a line by line basis.

Staff Clock-On to record staff time

Link to Web-based clock-on and clock-off facility to record work live.

Flexibility within a single jobcard

A single job-card may contain a mix of reason codes (such as 'Accident' or 'Routine').

A single job-card may contain a mix of 'Customers'. Work that is completed at the same time may as a result generate more than one invoice (for example some work may be for 'internal re-charge' while some may be directed to 'Insurance).

Multiple status options and full audit trail

There are a number of Job-Card Status options of 'Open', 'Closed', 'Closed-not-for-recharge', and 'Closed-Invoiced'.

Down-time analysis

Calculate vehicle down-time based on user-definable job-card status values, such as 'Vehicle Delivered to Workshop', 'Work Started', 'Work Completed', 'Operations Notified' and 'Vehicle Collected'. Down-time can frequently be reduced between categories such as 'notification' and 'collection' more easily than by attempting to increase workshop productivity.

Audit functionality

There is a full audit of job-card status changes (including change from 'Closed' to 'Re-Opened' which is also password protected).

Full Integration

Integrated to Stores ('issue from stock' and 'purchase for a jobcard’ from within the Job-Card form)

Integrated to Defects ('Raise new Work Arising' while in the jobcard form and / or 'Pull defects onto the jobcard from a list of outstanding defect for the vehicle'

Integrated to Schedule Events ('pull schedule events onto the jobcard from a list of outstanding and forthcoming schedule events).

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Control all aspects of your fleet

Mobile Work recording

Mobile Authorisation

Advanced Analysis

Use a single integrated application to manage your asset register, fuel, stock, defects, routine maintenance, job-cards, sales invoices and much more besides. Record ad-hoc defects, carry out structured vehicle inspections, and record work on our electronic job-card via smart phone or tablet. Use the Freeway purchase order authorisation to enable your managers to view and control spend with our smart-phone based authorisation application. Analyse the productivity and efficiency of your fleet, depot, staff, and suppliers. Freeway provides you with graphical, intuitive, flexible and instant analytic reporting.
Details Details Details Details
  • Fleet Number and Registration Number
  • Vehicles, Trailers, Plant, Buildings
  • Record ALL asset costs
  • Analyse cost across multiple dimensions
  • Record links between assets
  • KM, Miles, or Hours
  • Integrated fleet management
  • Mobile & manual defect capture.
  • Simple Driver first check & Comprehensive Engineer inspections.
  • Nil defect recording.
  • Rapid generation of defect job-cards.
  • Repeat defect analysis.
  • A complete scheduling solution.
  • Configurable Events, Colours, intervals (Distance or Time, or combination of the two).
  • Set time intervals in 'Days' or 'Working Days' with multiple 'locality' calendars.
  • Wall-chart with drag & drop.
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly view.
  • Colour coded event list.
  • All procurement related documentation.
  • All vehicle and asset related documentation.
  • File Formats PDF, BMP, JPG.
  • Click to view, print or e-mail.
  • All accident related documentation.
  • Link documents to their related assets, parts, accidents on screen with drag and drop.
  • Link documents via smart document reading (via bar-code scanning).
    part details
  • Order, Receive & Invoice Match.
  • Multi-Store.
  • 'Owned' & 'Imprest' parts.
  • 'Stock' and 'non-stock'.
  • Manually generate Purchase Orders or enable Auto-replenishment using Min/Max and re-order qty.
  • Cyclic Stock Takes.
  • Advanced Carriage management facilities.
  • Warranty Parts.
  • A unifying document
  • Screen, paper or tablet
  • Clear tabular interface
  • Smart defaults to save time
  • Staff Clock-On to record staff time
  • Flexibility within a single jobcard
  • Multiple status options and full audit trail
  • Down-time analysis
  • Audit functionality
  • Full Integration
  • Dynamic data import under your control (from fuel cards or fuel monitoring systems).
  • Advanced error identification.
  • Amendment audit trails.
  • MPG or Litres / 100 km.
  • A single screen view of all workshop events
  • Colour coded
  • Filter to view specific information
  • Click to print work as a jobcard or send the work to a staff members tablet based in-box
  • Click on items to open... for the vehicle.


Training can be provided at your premises or off-site to suit your requirements.

Our expert trainers are experienced and knowledgeable, having spent many years working in fleet management. They will work alongside you to ensure that you get the most from your Freeway software.

Training can be provided directly to your end-users, or at larger sites we can provide training to designated super-users with a 'train the trainer' approach.



Our focus has always been to leverage the latest technology to provide user-friendly solutions that meet our customer's problems.

This approach has led to progressive development of our software over many decades. The most recent developments of our web-based platform includes tablet and smart-phone applications (Apple, Windows and Android).

The software is modular and can be scaled as your fleet grows, or as your business processes change.



Freeway integrates with a host of back-end accounts packages (including, but not limited to: SAP, Accpac, Sage, Pastel, and Microsoft Great Plains), Fuel Monitoring Systems (such as Balvin, Triscan), Fuel Cards, Tracking Systems and TMS Systems.

Data can also be accessed directly from the ODBC compliant database, or via one of the more than 200 structured reports, or by right-click and 'open as Excel'.

Imports to Freeway can also be managed as standard EDIs (for example from your parts suppliers), or may be facilitated from the Freeway importer which produces Excel templates for you to populate and import vehicles, suppliers, parts, price updates, customers, and more.